i’m shannon, and i’m excited to share with you my product design journey!
Coming from a mechanical engineering background, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the detail-oriented process of bringing ideas to life. I combined this with my love for telling stories through visual design, and discovered all the creative possibilities of UX/UI.

I’m inspired by how much I can learn from people and my goal is to take that to design inclusive, memorable, and immersive experiences that will positively impact our everyday lives.
my mentality
Job’s not finished.
Kobe Bryant inspired me with his mentality of continuously improving your craft ⎯ “the mamba mentality.” I carry it with me in my everyday life, where I’m always learning and evolving to achieve my goals.
Take a deep breath.
Sometimes, it’s important to take a step back and embrace the world around us. It’s in those moments where we rediscover the beauty of our environment, recharge our creativity, and evolve into better designers.
strength in numbers.
Listening to and collaborating with others bring out the best of us and uncover possibilities that wouldn't have been created had we worked alone. I appreciate our diverse experiences that make us unique.
outside of work
In my free time, I enjoy visiting all kinds of museums. They’re like portals to the past, present, and future where you can learn about the world through so many different lenses.
on a coffee quest
As a coffee-lover, I made it my 2023 goal to try new coffee shops whenever I can. It's fun to step out of my comfort zone and try unique combinations.
got movie recs?
I love watching movies and how they bring so many different kinds of stories to life. One of my recent top movies is Across the Spiderverse!
Featured typeface is degular from @ohnotypeco